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One and a half years ago, contact was already made with residents of Sant’Elena and Venetian right-to-the city initiatives to prepare the catalogue, the exhibition, and the locals’ temporary takeover of one half of the pavilion. They jointly developed a programme that highlights the lack of affordable private and public spaces in Venice, and which will now be relocated to the precarious residual spaces of the surrounding neighbourhood. Moreover, positions adopted by the scholars and initiatives involved constitute an important contribution to the catalogue and exhibition. 

To draw attention to the concerns of local initiatives and residents and discuss them publicly, events organised by the collaborating initiatives and contributions scheduled by AKT & Hermann Czech will take place every fortnight. Together with the programme originally developed by the residents for their place of assembly, these activities will now move to sites along the Giardini’s wall in the public urban space and private gardens, or they will inspire discourse in tours of the city.

Currently no events are scheduled.

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