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Model Case Venezia

Exhibition Finissage
Il Chiostro a Sant’Elena

Con­­tem­­porary Housing in a Histor­­ical Habitat

The exhibition Model Case Venezia’ addresses the necessity and potential for new social, functionally diverse, and sustainable housing in the Venetian lagoon. Is the old town of Venice a universal work of art that excludes contemporary housing? To what extent is Venice as an inhabitable city a model of the past? Can this development be counteracted by architecture? Can Venice be a blueprint for an alternative – sufficient, small-scale, and car-free – city of the future? Students of architecture at the University of Innsbruck delved into these issues when developing housing projects for Venice. Situated at currently controversial locations within the old town, the exhibited designs deal with such topics as semiotic architecture, scale, building on water, architecture as an urban incubator, and design coherence versus a break with Venetian architectural history, putting them up for discussion.

Institute of Design / Gestaltung 1 / University of Innsbruck in collaboration with AKT & Hermann Czech