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The Trans­­formation of European Historical Ship­­yards and Arsenals (EHS&A)

Aula Volpato, Ca’ Foscari University, Fondamenta S. Giobbe, 873, 30121 Venezia VE

European historical shipyards have been transformed in many ways over the centuries. As part of the programme of activities at the Austrian Pavillion of the 18th International Architecture Exhibitions (Biennale Archittetura), we offer a series of three workshops exploring these transformations. This is the second workshop (the first took place on Saturday 24 June; the next will be on November 3). Each event will be live streamed, and everyone is welcome to join in person.

The initiative is co-organized by the Universities of Bologna and Oxford, with the collaboration of a variety of institutions involved in the transformation of individual historcal shipyards and AIPAI (Associazione Italiana per il Patrimonio Archeologico Industriale).

These events are part of a larger research project on how transforming European historical shipyards and arsenals into heritage sites poses crucial issues for preservation, protection and use, with significant socio- economic impacts. Their changing uses—from production at first to other activities over time (e.g. exhibitions, shops, housing)—have detached them from their original meanings and imbued them with new indentities that somehow co-habit with the old ones, leading to tensions between preservation and innovation. Practically, this has also brought managerial challenges far subtler than generating income and managing visitor flows: sites must trade-off the different and often conflicting priorities of preservation, productivity, housing, visitor enjoyment, community engagement, urban regeneration, etc.

For this project, we have invited experts on significant shipyards and arsenals to discuss the transformation of these sites, with particular attention to increasing public access. This will provide a unique opportunity to discuss possible developments in general, and in particular for the Venice Arsenal.

Please consult the attached pdf for the detailed programm.