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La Biennale e la Città

Series of Book Presentations, Discussions, Panels
Giardini Wall: Viale XXIV maggio / Viale IV novembre, Sant’Elena (TBC)

Partecipazione’ was one of the core demands of the Biennale’s first Architecture Exhibitions as early as the 1970s, as was their dealing with Venice’s political, social, and spatial realities. Along these lines, the constantly growing mega exhibition was to take over a preserving function for the city of Venice and its people besides its economic role. The Austrian contribution harks back to these initial approaches, juxtaposing them with the Biennale’s present-day spatial practice. The series of events curated by AKT & Hermann Czech will focus on discussing the Biennale’s contemporary role in the city with invited experts, collaborators and actors.

Akt & Hermann Czech, Biennale Urbana, Clarissa Ricci, Forum Futuro Arsenale, OCIO, We Are Here Venice, Institute of Design / Gestaltung 1 / University of Innsbruck, space&design strategies / Kunstuniversität Linz (TBC)